Welcome to Quizzical a website that has come about as a result of Coronavirus. 


This site has been set up to provide a little light entertainment to those quizzers whose leagues have been cut short. 

QUIZZICAL has been up and running for 17 weeks. In that time we have seen our League grow from a modest 10 teams to well over a 100 playing every week world wide. More astonishingly our Italian League is on its way to raising 250,000 euros for local charities.  We are very proud to say we have contributed in some minor part to this.

The Thursday night format is now well established. Teams have from 7.55 pm to 10 pm to answer the 50 questions published on the QUIZZICAL  site. These are also emailed to registered Team captains for distribution to their team. At 10 pm the Answers will appear on this website and again emailed to Team captains.

We trust the honesty of teams not to look up the answers and to mark their own scores. Those wishing to be included in a League will need to email their answers and scores back to the QUIZZICAL email address within 24 hours.

Each week we will also have ‘Homework’, this will consist of a fun quiz just for your entertainment.

This week you are looking for Booker Prize Winners. Answers to be published next week.

An email address is provided for those wishing to give us feedback.

Email: quizzical.desk@gmail.com

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